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What is Para-Athletics?

Para-athletics is reserved for para-athletes with a physical disability. Para-athletics is the sport of athletics practised by people with a disability as a parasport. The athletics events within the parasport are mostly the same as those available to able-bodied people, with two major exceptions in wheelchair racing and the club throw, which are specific to the division. There are no hurdle events in para-athletics or pole vault.

Para-athletics is the biggest sport within the Paralympic Movement in terms of the number of participating athletes and countries. It was one of eight sports included in the first Paralympic Games in Rome, Italy, in 1960 and has remained on the programme ever since, consistently attracting the biggest crowds and TV audiences


Para-athletics is a different entity from the Special Olympics. If you wish to inquire about the Special Olympics please refer to their Website ( We only offer coaching to para-athletes classified under the World Para Athletics (WPA). If you are classified a T20, you must be able to practice the sport independently along with the able-bodied athletes.

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