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Why sponsor the para-athletics program?


Para-athletes are responsible for paying all the costs related to the sport, which can cost thousands of dollars if you are a wheelchair para-athlete. Some, who have proven themselves through competitions, can access grants (often not enough to cover even a fourth of the costs). The para-athlete requires equipment to develop their skills and achieve the results required for grants. It’s very challenging to come by equipment and once the individual decides they want to pursue their athletic endeavors, they are required to purchase a custom made chair. A custom chair is built to the mm of the para-athletes body, making them more efficient and faster. Carbon fiber wheels are lightweight and easier to push. The type of tire also contributes to the efficiency an speed.


Wheelchair Equipment

Equipment for wheelchair racing is very expensive and necessary for all wheelchair users. Approximate costs subject to change.

Gloves used to push the chair so no fingers and hands are broken

Depending on the type of glove and the level of competition, wheelchair para-athletes can require up to 5 pairs a year.


Racing wheelchair

$3500 - $5000(custom made aluminium) $10 000 (carbon fiber)

$125 a month rental

Carbon fiber wheels


Pushrim cover (must be changed several times a year


Tires between 3 to 6 pairs a year

$65 to $125



Roller – required for practicing indoors because a 200m is not available. High performance para-athletes require a roller at home and on-site because they can practice up to 10x a week.


Throwing chair – required for all throwing events


Javelin, discuss, shot put



Other Costs


Competitions and Training camps are necessary for all high-performance para-athletes. For example, the wheelchair para-athlete attends the Swiss Series in May, which costs approximately $5000.


All funds would be allocated to the needs of the para-athletes in the program.


We thank you for your generosity!

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