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Para-athletes may use certain assistive devices as specified in the World Para Athletics rules and regulations.

Wheelchairs are considered sports equipment in track and field events, and racing wheelchairs tend to be very lightweight and aerodynamic.  

Amputees may use prosthetic devices. These have been specifically developed to withstand the demands of sports competition. World Para Athletics rules require the use of leg prostheses in track events; however, the use of prostheses in field events is optional.

Runners with a vision impairment, to link with their sighted guides, may use rope tethers or other devices. Acoustic devices (or a sighted "caller") may be used to indicate take-off in jumping events, throwing target areas, etc.

Wheelchair Equipment

London Legion does not provide any racing wheelchair equipment. You are required to contact Parasport Ontario to rent a chair (look under programs, equipment rentals). New race chairs are expensive and are custom made. If you choose to go with a custom chair, speak with the Team Leader of the para program, Katty Abran.

Parasport Ontario.  For all equipment inquiries please contact Katty Abran.


Special gloves are required to push the race chair. Gloves cost between $200 and $350. Hard gloves and soft gloves are available through different vendors. Soft Harness gloves can be purchased through Harness Designs Wheelchair Gloves or Revolution Sports. To determine the size and type of glove, please speak with Katty Abran.


Wheelchairs require a roller when practicing indoors. LLTF is looking into purchasing a few rollers to accommodate the wheelchair athlete. You can also purchase your own roller. All para-athletes who pursue the sport will be required to purchase their own roller at some point. These are very heavy and must remain onsite. Visit


London Legion does not provide any blades. Please speak with your prosthetics provider.


You are required to provide your own guide if you need one.



The above-mentioned are the only equipment authorized by the WPA and LLTF. There are no other mobility devices such as, walkers and motorized wheelchairs permitted. The only para-athletes who can run with a guide are those with a visual impairment.

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